About Us

BHFO is one of the largest and most trusted sellers of clothing, shoes, and accessories on eBay. We recently attained eBay's milestone achievement of over two million positive feedback while maintaining our excellent Top Rated Seller status. Our 100+ employees ship over 150,000 items a month out of our Cedar Rapids, Iowa facilities.

We work directly with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world to bring you the name brands that are famous for their quality and style.

Like many eBay sellers, we started in our basement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2003. Both of us coming from a business background, we had a vision of building our own successful business where we could use our entrepreneurial skills we had always dreamed of. Our passion is to serve and help others, so starting this business enabled us to offer great opportunities for people in our community along with offering our customers a place to shop with great value and customer service. If you are wondering where BHFO got its name, the B and H are our daughter’s initials and F and O stand for Factory Outlet.

We operated in our home for 18 months and soon moved to a commercial warehouse. We continued to partner with new brands and our business grew rapidly. Now, after three moves to accommodate our growth, we call a 240,000 sq. ft. facility in Cedar Rapids home. With the inclusion of the Perfect Pick™ order fulfillment technology, BHFO is able to provide faster and more accurate service from its newest location.

To help expand our selection of designer shoes, we acquired Street Moda in September, 2017. Street Moda started on ebay in 2005 and has direct relationships with hundreds of designer shoe brands. We look forward to bringing you more of the footwear brands you love.

If you purchase from BHFO, here is what you can expect:

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!


Jon and Stacie Sefton

- Founders