The Joys of Kelly Green, Bubble Gum Pink and Color Blocking

Color is everywhere this spring, reminding us that hope springs eternal and fashion is meant to be fun. Playing with hues expresses personality and intention. Kelly green proves bolder is better, and bubblegum pink redefines feminine dress. Color blocking is back in a big way and allows you to set the rules.

The basics of the latest `it` color

colorful fashion clothes

Kelly green is a warm hue. Khaki, olive, fern, chartreuse, and moss are also warm greens for reference. Cooler greens include forest, mallard, emerald, mint, teal and bottle green. Kelly green is an intense color between blue and yellow on the color wheel.

Kelly green is never mean

Everyone agrees that Kelly green is one of the best colors trending in the fashion industry right now and for years to come. Not quite neon and far from jade, this verdant delight is ruling the runway and streetwear.

Minimalists and maximalists welcome

Fashionistas can go monochrome or incorporate subtle pops of the warm hue. Minimalists can invest in a luxe accessory like a clutch or a skinny belt. Maximalists can wow in head-to-toe green with statement accessories like a hat or cape.

Layer up in color

colorful fashion clothes

Remove or add a layer such as a trench or pea coat. Opt for tailored separates in complementary green hues to get started. Keep in mind that prints may be harder to pull off when announcing your style with Kelly green.

Jump for jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are comfortable and sophisticated. Zip a Kelly green one up and focus on accessories. The current street style is to complete the look with all-black accessories.

Add flair with pleated pants

Pleated pants give you room to breathe while still fitting snugly. Wear with your favorite sweater and chunky boots.

Punch up with a blazer

A boxy blazer is the perfect way to embrace Kelly green. You can wear it full on or drape it over one shoulder to have an on-the-go vibe. Another option is to wear a neutral blazer with a Kelly green shirt or pair with neutral biker shorts.

Make an everyday statement

A cardigan is sensational to have in your style arsenal because you can wear one any day of the week. A Kelly green piece works splendidly with a plain white tee and pants for the weekend. Dress up a cardigan with a midi dress and kitten heels to conquer the boardroom. Add some sizzle by choosing a cropped option.

Be extra with pops of color

colorful fashion clothes

You may want to spice up a neutral outfit with some colorful, bountiful flair. Designers love the hue for handbags, shoes and sunglasses. Mix in some exotic motifs, like pineapples or horns, for a head-turning look.

Shine in outerwear

Kelly green is for the bold. If you are working up to wearing the trending color, opt for versatile outerwear. A longline trench pairs perfectly with joggers or jeans.

Romance Kelly green

Elevate any outfit with this impeccable hue. Polish your look with whimsical fabrics like lace or chiffon. Pair a tailored skirt with stand-out seams or buttons with a pussybow blouse. Create a match made in heaven with Kelly green pants and green shoes.

Create a storm with playful rain boots

Beyond keeping your feet dry, rain boots provide the perfect vehicle for bolder hues like Kelly green. Opt for ankle booties when wearing slim cut jeans or a mini dress. Taller boots are perfect for when you want longer and cleaner lines for your look.

Dress in drawstrings

Perfect for spring and summer, drawstring pants are lightweight enough to wear any day of the week. An elastic waist prevents digging and allows you to breathe all day. Opt for a gathered-sleeve blouse for maximum style impact.

Rock on in tweed

Coco Chanel loved a good boucle tweed. A Kelly green boucle tweed looks elegant, practical and versatile for all seasons. The timeless fabric goes effortlessly with a white tee and your favorite jeans.

Polish your look with a Kelly green bag

The striking hue goes perfectly with blue, red, yellow, white, black and gray. Choose a bag that makes a statement, like an ostrich clutch, or opt for a messenger bag when running errands.

Bubble gum pink makes everyone wink

Barbie pink is a great way to infuse your bold style with a feminine touch, especially when dressing monochrome. This nostalgic hue goes well with black, white, gray, beige and brown. Gray pants and graphite bags tone down bubblegum pink. Knitted and wool fabric elevate the hue to a delicate and cozy level.

Make an entrance

Fall in love with bubble gum pink. Imagine making an entrance in puffy sleeves, a scalloped neck and statement buttons. Add sparkle to everyone`s day with overalls and leather jackets in this feminine and elegant hue.

Be bolder in red

A pink and red combination goes well beyond Valentine`s Day. Red demands recognition and is softened by pink. Think of a red dress with pink accessories like a scarf or shoes. Just follow the rule of pairing pieces with the same realms of saturation and making two-thirds of your look one color, and the other third the other.

Juice the color orange

Pink and orange may be bolder than pink and red, but you can make that statement. Try this perky color duo via pink pants, a white tee and an orange blazer. Another option is an orange tank, pink skirt and a denim jacket. Be bolder in an orange dress and pink heels.

Go for understated elegance

Gray is so sophisticated with pink. Pair a gray mock turtleneck with a long or cropped coat. A pink dress is super cute with gray booties.

Accent with silver or gold

Nothing is more delightful than a pink slip dress with a statement rose gold necklace. Opt for silver hoops when thinking pink. Play around with colorful gemstones for a maximalist look.

Don`t be tone deaf

Layer shades of pink, being mindful of tones. Consider fuchsia and bubblegum pink pieces. A lighter shade softens your outfit. Brighter shades act as a highlight.

Throw in leather accents

Leather is bold and always welcomed for the edge it provides, especially with bubblegum pink. Team a black or pink leather skirt with this inviting hue. Opt for a pink silk dress 0r a pink leather moto jacket for a contemporary look.

Find a stunning pattern

Patterns add visual interest and polish. Add a patterned skirt to a pink tank. Avoid whimsical prints when choosing pink. Opt for paisley instead of polka dots.

Add in menswear

Pair bubblegum pink tailored pants with a menswear-style cardigan. Boyfriend jeans work with a ruffled pink top. A pink masculine blazer works well with a white tee and denim cut-offs.

Visit your tailor

When making a bold statement with pink, have all your pieces tailored to flatter your body. This elevates any outfit to another level with a chic polish. A body con slip or sheath with a fitted jacket takes you from day to night.

Wink in a pink skirt

Combine a pink skirt with bows and more neutral colors. A midi skirt and a white tee work well with sneakers and a neutral jacket topped with a clutch. Change the sneakers for heels and the tee for a blouse and throw on a statement necklace for the perfect evening look.

Create a weekend look

A bubblegum sweater will go well with any length of skirt or pants. Pair with delicate jewelry for a great weekend look. Top the look with an oversized hat or fedora.

Do denim

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s will delight in the nostalgic combo of bubblegum pink and any shade of blue. Modernize the look with navy in the form of pants and skirts. Jeans of any wash will always work with bubblegum pink.

Spark joy with color blocking

Pile on all the colors you love with color blocking. Hue connoisseurs know to pair muted with muted, neons with neons, and pastels with pastels. In short, make sure all colors are in the same camp.

Elongate your vertical line

Play around with varying colors, textures and placement. Color blocking is a form of monochrome called column dressing. A single color from head to toe elongates your vertical line.

Choose two to three colors only

Even maximalism has limits. Don`t mix more than three colors when column dressing. Look at the color wheel for inspiration. Pick colors close together like orange, red and pink.

Color block by choosing colors directly across from each other, like blue and yellow. Or be bold with colors you just love. Make up the rules for your own version of color blocking.

Incorporate a neutral shade

If you are new to color blocking, pairing a neutral color and a bolder shade is much more subtle. Mix a gray skirt with a bright yellow top. Dress in orange and throw in white accessories.

Determine your skin tone

Colors should work with your skin`s undertone. To determine, look at the veins in your wrist. Greenish means you have a warm undertone. Blue or purple equates to a cool undertone. Bluish-green veins means you have a neutral undertone and can wear any color.

Pick your tones

Skin tones should be warm or cool. Warmer tones embrace bold, warm colors. Cooler ones work best in blues and paler hues.

Check out several shades

Play around with the spectrum within a hue. Think coral slacks, a salmon shirt and blush sneakers. Or opt for an apricot mini skirt, a melon top and a tangerine scarf.

Create clean lines

Color blocking lets you announce your hue choices. Pair an amethyst tee with a statement teal necklace or belt. Explore a pink dress and red booties.

Harness your shoe color

Simple shoes should accent your outfit. A neutral pair works best if you are going bolder above the ankles. Or, a neutral or all-black outfit can be a great time to explore fun and colorful shoes. Don`t be too matchy-matchy to avoid a retro look if that is not your intent.

Welcome red shoes

Red shoes are always welcomed. Make blue pants pop with red slides. A red clutch with faux fur or pleather accents adds visual interest with statement texture.

Practice extreme color blocking

Color blocking can be extreme and charming when done correctly. Designers and fashionistas love this look. Think a red long-sleeve top, yellow pants and a green bag. You can tone down the look with black accessories.

Kelly green will continue to make waves in the fashion industry for decades to come. Color connoisseurs know they can wear it any season to show off their style and keep up with trends. Minimalists and maximalists agree on this warm hue.

Style is wearable art because it announces your creativity via color and textures. From one day to the next, you can treat yourself to a colorful aesthetic or go neutral.

Bubblegum pink has gone beyond childhood and is now modern. The nostalgic hue evokes your inner child and your inner supermodel. Pair with bolds or neutrals to redefine feminine dress.

Color blocking from subtle to extreme cycles through the fashion world. Make this your signature style and command respect from those in the know.

With, you can present yourself freely and turn heads as you go your gorgeous way. Fashion is a spectator sport on the runways and in the streets.

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