Revenge Dresses: The Official Guide to Breakup Glamor

Being beautiful and well-dressed is a form of manifesting. When getting dressed in the morning, you know that turning heads is the goal. After a breakup, even putting on sweatpants can be a mission.

black dress

Princess Diana, who birthed the concept of the revenge dress, and Julia Fox, who recently leveled up the revenge dress, understood the magic of turning heartbreak into a new chapter through fashion.

Princess Diana did away with royal protocol and showed her legs and decollete in an off-the-shoulder, form-fitting black silk dress. Recently heartbroken Julia Fox rocked a slinky skin-tight black turtleneck gown with three giant keyholes in the middle of the chest area.

black dress

A revenge dress is one with a multitude of variations that announces your return to the living world and creates new admirers . Add a few killer dresses to your repertoire even if your love life is going swimmingly. They also make sensational cocktail or wedding guest looks.

Strapless dresses

Kate Moss has often said her favorite part of her body is her collarbone. You can see it in most of her off-duty looks and she is usually in a strapless dress for formal occasions.

Work with your body type rather than against it when choosing a strapless dress.

Strapless dresses for pear shapes

Pear shapes have a defined waist, full hips and a pronounced backside. Shoulders and bust are significantly smaller. Scalloped and decorated necklines draw attention upward.

Choose A-line options, knee-length hems and empire waists to accentuate the upper body.

Strapless dresses for apple shapes

Rocking a full bust, broad shoulders, and a fuller torso, apple shapes should be celebrated. With thinner arms, legs, and hips, apples can show off full busts in a strapless sweetheart A-line dress to elongate the body and frame the face. Show off your legs with a mini strapless dress. Stay away from dresses that have sewn-in belts and built-in waistline features.

Strapless dresses for rectangle shapes

Boyish body types are defined by narrower hips, a smaller bust and an undefined waist. Create curves and an attractive silhouette with a strapless dress with a more defined waistline that fits your body type.

Options include ones with fitted bodices and border prints to create curves. Think of a short, strapless peplum dress to add volume to both your upper and lower body.

Strapless dresses for athletic shapes

Broad shoulders and narrow hips define the bodies of those with an inverted triangle shape. Upper bodies tend to have fuller backs and busts. Accentuate your shapely legs and slimmer lower body.

Consider mini or maxi A-lines and mermaids with an empire waist. Try to add volume to the lower body. Browse full skirts.

Strapless dresses for hourglass shapes

The most envied shape in the world is also in the minority for its full bust, shapely legs and cinched waist. These body types can wear any strapless dress they want because everything looks good on them.

How to look great in a mini dress

Everyone`s favorite summertime staple is a mini dress. Throw one on and turn heads as you walk down the boardwalk. Style your mini dresses in new and unexpected ways.

Wear a purse belt with a statement barrette and platform espadrilles.

Be monochrome with only a graphic tote bag as the sole pop of color.
Elevate a mini with mirrored aviators, a motif head scarf and a chain strap bag.

Wander around in simple flats and a romantic blouse.

Add a pop of color with a statement bag and buckled sandals.

Show them how styling a mini is done with strappy white stilettos.

Wear a pink satin bodysuit underneath, paired with platform sneakers.

Keep things hot with tights, leather ankle boots and a messenger bag.

Jetset to the tropics with a palm print and orange accessories.

Chill out in white low-top sneakers and a woven tote.

Polish your look with pointy sandals and oversized sunnies.

Celebrate color with mint heels and a matching clutch.

Throw on extra-thick cat-eye shades with a red lip.

Call the mermaids with a beachy bucket hat and gladiator sandals.

Make color the center of attention with a colorful belt with a large or small buckle.

Explore darling lace designs paired with white cowboy boots.

Dare to go short with a barely there mini balanced with an oversized blazer.

Go simple with unadorned hoops.
Dazzle with knee-high boots and a hot pink lip.

Wow with an extra-thick contrast belt, a vintage basket bag and colorful slides.

Luxuriate in leather

Wearing a leather dress could make a minimalist blush and a maximalist hesitate. The right styling makes a leather dress sharp, edgy and rebellious. The wrong styling brings up memories of 80s glam rock without the glam.

When paired with the right accessories and silhouettes, a leather dress becomes super flattering and a great transitional piece. Streetwear stylists know how to make a leather dress singular and fun.

Be the cool girl in leather that has everyone drooling over her style.

Add some feminine charm

Soften a leather look with ultra-girly fabrics and silhouettes. Think dark academia with a long-sleeved white blouse and sleek boots. Mix in a bubblegum pink backpack.

Thrill your inner minimalist

Keep a black leather dress as your pure focus. Pair with dainty jewelry and plain sneakers. You can also pick a leather dress in neutral hues. Giddy up with maximalism. Be even more extra in leather. Play with Western themes, including a belt purse in thick leather, neck scarf, cowboy hat and fun tassel boots.

Shine brightly during the day

Select bright color options and pair with knee-high boots. Throw in a shirt as an over-the-shoulder jacket. Match strappy sandals and a red clutch.

Be comfy-cozy

Leather dresses can follow the oversized trend. Rock a looser version of the above dress and match with colorful heels. Mix in a retro belt that cinches the waist. Contrast the belt color and purse straps. Bonus points if you contrast black and white for starkness.

Look bootiful

Be bold with a leather mini dress and a white top hat. Layer on necklaces in clashing metals. Top with black ankle boots.

Whisper in style

Evening looks don`t have to be boring. Be demure with long legs and sky-high heels. Polish the look with a clutch that matches your heels. Top with layers of sparkly necklaces.

Venture to the other side of cool

Go in the opposite direction of demure with an edgy chic look of rocking your leather dress with an artfully ripped jean jacket and basic sneaks or chunky boots.

How to wear leather dresses year-round

Summers beg for leather mini dresses. Save the knee-length takes paired with tights and trenches for fall and winter. Leather dresses allow you to be bold, simple and classic.

How to wear slip dresses
A slip dress is a 90s staple that has made the leap to present day fashion. A slip dress is perfectly stylish on its own. There are a multitude of design variances. One that is tailored can fit any body.

Check your fit

Hemlines should hit mid-thigh to pair perfectly with heels and flats. A V-neckline is not only a throwback to the 90s, it layers well with triangular bralettes for additional support.

Accessorize with fun top of mind

With a slip dress, you can go big or small with accessories. Match a neutral slip dress with slicked back hair. Mix in statement gold earrings, stacked rings or layers of clashing metals.

Go off duty in a white tee

A white tee is so versatile and magical. You could wear one under an Oscar gown and transition the outfit into a casual one. Wear the tee over a slip dress to create a slip skirt.

Indulge in sweater weather

A slip dress works even during the coldest months of the year. All you need are the right accessories. Throw on a knit coat or a luxurious cashmere chunky knit for extra warmth. Focus more on texture than color during this time of the year.

Add in chunky boots and hoop earrings for a winter look that earns compliments.

Get in the style trenches

Only the bold dare to mix a slip dress with a trench. The classic coat should be longer than the slip dress to strike a stellar balance between masculine and feminine. Opt for non-black trenches for contrast. Think chocolate brown or winter white.

Expect the unexpected

No one expects opera gloves to be a casual accessory. They are making a comeback and have even started to trend. Pair with coordinating heels. Add in an oversized Kelly green blazer. Layer the slip in acres of fine necklaces.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Over-the-knee boots elongate your legs.

Pointed toes elongate your silhouette, especially nude heels.

Clutches make any revenge dress elegant.

Hair should be as simple as possible to keep the focus on the dress.
A midi dress works great in the winter.

Oversized coats are MVPs of style for adding dimension.

Pops of color are also welcome.

Structured blazers mix in a touch of fanciness.

Mix in brown leather moto jackets and white sneakers.
Frilly dresses and combat boots go well together.
Printed turtlenecks can be fun.

Feathers are unexpected.

You can`t go wrong with a white blazer. Necklines are meant to be played with.

Hardware can make a statement.

Layers can be added with leather or denim.

Scarfs can provide a pop of color.

Skip metallic leggings.

Belts can highlight the waist.

Neon hues shouldn`t be forgotten.

Lace and cutouts are memorable.

Don`t wear necklaces with a turtleneck.

Chunky necklaces work with any style of revenge dress.

Frayed details make a statement.

Capes make your look one for the decades.

Monochrome looks are effortless.

Wide necklines and chunky necklaces are soulmates.

Waist slits are unforgettable.

Sequin detailing is always on the menu.

Chain bags create a casual vibe.

Messy braids are also stellar accessories.

Fedoras add a vintage feel.

Red lips can pull everything together.

Kimonos can be the ultimate statement piece.

Feathers tickle our fancy. Houndstooth is unexpected and cool.

Turquoise heels can create new memories.

Leopard prints make a revenge dress roar to life.

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