The BHFO Story

BHFO has come a long way since we began in 2003. Our vision was simple—to offer designer goods at bargain prices and provide the kind of customer service we would like to receive.

This year, we have moved into a brand new location, launched our first international online shops and built a new website. But how did we accomplish all of this?

This video was made to answer just that question. We want all of our customers, new and established, to know what makes BHFO tick.

We are proud to offer a savvy approach to high-end shopping and bring you name brands famous for high quality and style, such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, at a fraction of their retail prices. Now, you can see how we do it.

You, our loyal customers, have been our No. 1 priority from the very beginning, and we are excited to come up with new ways to make sure it stays that way.

Happy shopping!

Jon & Stacie Sefton

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