Designer Clothes from Movies and Shows - Recreate Your Favorite Character’s Style


A touch of Hollywood-inspired glamour is always welcomed. has beautiful clothes that will never go out of style, much like these famous fashionable characters. Most icons stick to neutrals, tailored basics and signature pieces to ensure their looks withstand the test of time.

Iconic style is now within everyone’s reach. People of all ages and backgrounds can achieve it. So if you are asking yourself, where can I buy affordable name brand clothes online, the answer is

Bring back glamour with Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

No single movie has influenced pop culture and style as much as Truman Capote’s novella turned 1961 cinematic masterpiece. We are introduced to Audrey Hepburn’s signature character wearing a sleek Givenchy dress, full-length gloves, oversized sunglasses and a swath of pearls as she exits a cab in post-dawn New York City.

We move through Golightly’s story as she wears stylish pajamas she may have found at a designer brands clearance sale and a sleep mask, a pink party dress, plus camel trench coats.

Mix and match with Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

While a polarizing character, Carrie Bradshaw will forever be considered a mythical brand names sales authority when it comes to fearless and timeless style. Besides her notable knowledge of where to buy designer brand clearance shoes, Bradshaw revels in her femininity and wears innovative combinations. She understands that fashion is an intellectual pursuit that as a writer she has a duty to share.

Get the Bradshaw look by playfully pairing sequin mini dresses, statement blazers, faux fur coats, silk slips and grand pops of color when curating from outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher, and discounted Michael Kors clothes.

Embody the 90s with Fran Fine, The Nanny

The 90s were a wild time for style. Explore prints, show plenty of skin, express yourself in shorter hems and display your fearlessness. 

Fran Fine embodies hyperfeminine 90s style. She loves a good skirt suit, leopard print, stripes, leather and tailored blazers. Fine’s style balances gaudy and glamorous.

Be unique with Margot Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums

Who doesn’t love a quirky film? Wes Anderson understands the nuances of an iconic female character. Margot Tenenbaum is defined by her blunt bob swept to one side with a barrette, striped dresses and fur coats. Check out our outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher, and discounted Michael Kors clothes to create your signature look.

Discover Menswear with Annie Hall, Annie Hall

The original manic pixie dream girl defines the androgynous look. She loves unembellished vests, hats and ties. You could certainly find her looking through affordable men’s fashion clothes and loving every minute of it.

Turn the beat around with Elvira Hancock, Scarface

Take some inspiration from the 1970s dream girl: Elvira Hancock. We are introduced to her as she is wearing a slip dress and riding an elevator. Opt for all-white outfits, plunging necklines and slinky dresses from brand name sales.

Explore new looks with Andy Sachs, The Devil Wears Prada

Poor Andy! She has to learn fashion under the hardest of circumstances! Working at Runway magazine, she goes from not understanding cerulean to mastering tweeds. Watching top models wear layers of necklaces and over-the-knee boots, Andy grows confident just like you will in the perfect LBD and other treasures from our outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher, and discounted Michael Kors clothes.

Own Rodeo Drive with Cher Horowitz, Clueless

This 90s teen queen loves designers and shopping on Rodeo Drive. Update her iconic yellow plaid skirt suit with even bigger heels. Or stick to her classic black skirt with white top outfit with stylish accessories.

Bend and snap with Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Pink makes everyone wink in the movie that celebrates determination and femininity. Elle Woods shows you do not have to be frumpy or basic to be taken seriously. You can even get smart buys from designer brands clearance from online outlets to look sensational. Elle rocks suits, studies on her treadmill, gives advice at the nail salon and looks sensational all the time in signature pink. 

Bridge decades with Megan Draper, Mad Men

The women of Sterling Copper are all iconic. They embody the glamour of the first half of the 60s up until the 70s. This aspiring actress, however, thrills the last half of the decade that changed America for the better. She makes paisley prints groovy and miniskirts staples with touches of fringe included.

Get bonus points if you put together retro-inspired fits from brand name sales and online outlets.

Dance with Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

Dancing with Vincent Vega, Mia has a style that could twist through any decade. A crisp white button down and slim black pants are associated with her even today. Her signature style proves simple is sometimes best.

Be shaken, not stirred, with James Bond, 007

Shaken, not stirred, this super spy makes dressing up beyond cool. Many look to the international man of mystery to balance being well-groomed and being tough in affordable men’s fashion clothes. Bond loves a fitted tuxedo and a polo, depending on the assignment.

Explore your darker side with Dickie Greenleaf, The Talented Mr. Ripley

Menswear idols just might be defined by Jude Law’s character. As a 1950s playboy in Italy, Dickie loves to look good. He wears loose button-ups, relaxed ties, slip-ons and Bermuda shorts. Besides clean lines, linen blazers are essential to Dickie’s too-cool-for-rules aesthetic. He would know how to navigate affordable men’s fashion clothes for the most luxe shoes possible while being a smart shopper.

Be memorable with Jim Stark, Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean perfected the rebel look. Back in the 50s, his iconic character embraced a clean-cut look with a red windbreaker, white t-shirt and jeans. Men championed the look and felt it was relatable as they also came of age. is where to find name brand clothes for your budget. Explore affordable brand clothes for all the occasions of your life. Grab one of our bhfo coupons to get brand names for less.

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