Miami Style: Get Your Style Sandy

The Magic City is gorgeous and focused on turning heads when walking down the boardwalks. Miamians work incredibly hard on their year-round summer bodies. They show them off in name-brand gear and microscopic outfits.

Rules for Miami style

Bikinis are expected and so is impeccable style. There are seemingly no rules to Miami style. However, a good rule of thumb is that everything should be beach-centric and fun. Temperatures are so hot, you need to be able to cool down at a moment`s notice.

Bolder is better

Bright colors, whimsical prints and impressive silhouettes are the norm. You have to be bold to make it here style-wise. Even if you prefer the gallery girl style of head-to-toe black, dip your toe into the pool of vibrant colors with statement jewelry.

Beachwear is streetwear and evening wear

Beachwear is streetwear that doubles as evening wear. Looks have to be mix-and-match, especially because there are so many outfits required in a day to beat the humidity. Think tailored shorts for coffee runs and day drinks. Sandals must be versatile as well.

Glamor is a must

If you are planning a trip to Miami or want a break from your city`s style uniform without leaving, everyone is welcome to explore this world-famous style. Be the most glamorous, chic version of yourself in or out of Miami.

White is not optional

White jeans are essential and need quite a bit of discussion when it comes to Miami style. Aside from double denim, white jeans are one of the most controversial looks in fashion. But white denim is so versatile through every season, you might want to buy a pair in every style.

Slim white jeans for all shapes

Some women are not comfortable drawing attention to their bottom halves. Buy jeans with the right kind of stretch and thickness. A thicker jean will be more forgiving. Leg style depends on your body type. Mid- and high-rises are more flattering.

Elongate your silhouette

Explore a multitude of cuts such as skinny, boyfriend, wide and straight leg. Go beyond Labor Day with dressed up white tees and jeans in varying washes and styles. Fashion lovers understand a good white-on-white look elongates the body with a slim silhouette.

Good white jeans are elusive. Vogue magazine swears by straight leg, normal rise and zero stretch. Others at the fashion bible recommend wearing a size or two up to have white jeans draped like slacks. Put a touch of bleach in the wash cycle to maintain the hue.

Be a classic girl in nautical tops

Because you are already at the seaside, get inspired by nautical themes. If you do not want to wear white-on-white to elongate your silhouette, opt for varying shades of blue. Brighter hues are preferred.

Cozy sweaters for traveling to Miami

Go relaxed or oversized with cozy sweaters paired with skinny white jeans or ghost hip huggers. A bright sweater will balance the look of white jeans. Keep in mind that there are only a handful of truly brisk days in Miami, but everyone wants to show off their winter style.

Tips for buying white jeans

Men`s jeans offer more of a straight line. Buy multiples in varying sizes because good jeans are already hard to find; white ones are next to impossible. Dry clean when possible.

Sandals are the best footwear

Miamians love a good sandal to have fun at or near the beach, run errands and go to the office. Dress up or down accordingly. Explore embellishments, but keep in mind flip-flops are only worn at the beach.

Make a statement everywhere

Miamians go beyond summer whites and love brighter colors to turn heads. Canary yellow, fuchsia and jewel tones are the norm. It is perfectly acceptable to go decked out to the beach with your best jewelry, including body chains, statement earrings and necklaces.

Get ready for the clubs and after-hour parties

If you thought getting dressed up for the beach was unique, experience trying to get into the clubs where entrance is not guaranteed. Many clubs won't let anyone past the velvet rope unless they are 10s dressed to the nines. The higher the heels, the better. Cutouts are uniform and flats are only brought out when walking home.

Hug your curves and show skin

Miami is known for being an active city with hard bodies. Citizens work hard and play harder. Showing off curves in skinny jeans, body con dresses, drop tops and skin-tight shorts are a must. Bodies are also shown off with backless dresses, crop tops, strappy tops and tanks to prove skin is sexy.

Love unexpected prints

Miamians love palm print. They also opt for scaled prints and refined embroidery. Flamingoes are especially beloved in the Magic City.

A typical style day in Miami

Early morning calls for athleisure

Miamians know in order to show off their bodies, they must work out daily. Early morning workouts are the preference to beat the scorching sun and oppressive humidity. Go for a run or take a yoga class in your best athleisure.

Beach time

It is hard to stand out in Miami. As a travel destination for the world, everyone wants to enjoy the beach while looking their best. Pack your best swimsuit and try to stand out with impressive shades.

Lunchtime conversation starters

Mid-day fashion should be casual. Pair statement t-shirts and loose fitting linen pants to take advantage of the last time in the day to be casual in Miami. Tees with fun sayings are good conversation starters.

Dress up for dinner

Many eateries on the beach have strict dress codes. At higher end restaurants, you can`t walk in from the beach and expect service. Bring your A-game with runway-inspired dresses that can take you from dinner to drinks.

What men should wear in Miami

No matter which outfit a man puts together, he should start with the right shoes. Miami chic starts at the feet with classic dress shoes. If they are too pointed or square, it looks more Jersey Shore than Miami.

Men should go casual in a white t-shirt in cotton, linen or hemp. Pastel or seersucker shorts work best to complement expensive watches, sleek sunglasses and loafers.

Trendy in Miami

Miami is the perfect city to try on trends. Just don`t layer on too many trends or it will come across as trying too hard.

Yay to Y2K

Nostalgia is the name of the fashion game in Miami right now. South Beach exploded in popularity in the nineties. It is no surprise that ultra-low-rise pieces, micro minis and halter tops are coming back to the boardwalk for globetrotters.

Y2K trends are now more refined and bolder. Saturated tunics and embellished maxis are returning, as are whale tail pants. Continue the trend of cut outs, but go the spliced, cropped or bra top route.

Let your jewelry do all the talking

Arm cuffs are back and so are intricate body chains to push the body jewelry trend forward. Silver is the preferred heavy metal, pushing gold to the back. Sculptural elements in resin and acetate are back for rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Play around with chunky necklaces, especially if the rest of your outfit is neutral. Miami style is all about embracing maximalism. More is always more in the Magic City.

Layer necklaces and stack rings. Select an 80s-inspired chunky gold or silver necklace and layer with a dainty chain.

How to layer necklaces

The options are endless when you know how to layer necklaces. Choose three or four necklaces of differing lengths. The first necklace should be the shortest and the ones after should be longer to create dimension. Play around with different styles, such as chunky or chained, for depth and contrast.

Choose one statement necklace

There should always be a shorter necklace and one making a statement to create a focal point. Explore pendants and gemstones for a pop of color. A lariat necklace is around 45 inches and connects in the front with a tassel that hangs down at closure. These necklaces add dimension quickly and easily.

The difference between stacking rings and layering necklaces is mixing and matching metals is perfectly fine with rings. However, layering necklaces works best when you choose similar metals to create unity. Show off your layering and stacking skills with tops that have high necks, V-necks or scoops when using long necklaces.

How to stack rings

Whether you want to go minimalist or maximalist, sandwich thin and thick rings together. Rings in the same style make it easier to grow your stack. A loose ring can be kept in place by putting it on first and stacking other rings after it. Add some mini rings on top.

Defining pearlcore

Pearls used to be reserved for the Southern gentile, now it is a term for the whimsical layering of pearls Miamians love. Designers like Tom Ford are using pearls in unexpected varieties of style, size and color.

Yellow gold is fading

Silver is now the preferred heavy metal. Miamians love the punk rock feel of it. Silver pieces are now sculptural with points, arches and toggled links.

How to wear silver jewelry

Silver is versatile, but pairs best with black for a stunning contrast. Navy and burgundy are also great options for a rich background. Avoid pastels and lighter yellows because they will drown out silver`s shine. Keep clothes minimalist when wearing silver, no blocks or textured patterns to sidestep clashing visuals.

The best advice when it comes to wearing silver is to make your jewelry or your clothing the focal point, not both. Discover how a simple pair of earrings, including studs and chandeliers, can elevate and frame the face if they complement your complexion and stand out against your hair color.

Wear gold and silver, mix in colored gemstones, and throw in some luxury and ground with crystals.

Beads bring color

Maximalists are loving the return of beads. Perfect for layering with pearls and gold, these pops of color work with heavy and delicate metals.

Hoops there it is

Every fashionista should have a pair of hoops. Ranging from small to chunky and oversized, they are easily stacked. Check out playful designs in acrylic and enamel.

Dip into the 70s with crochet

Crochet is the perfect material to pack for a trip to Miami. It doesn`t wrinkle and can be worn alone or over must-see swimsuits. Pair with a slip dress for a 70s and 90s mashup.

Try crochet in bold colors and patterns. A crochet top looks great with jeans, linen pants and denim cut-offs. If it isn`t summer where you are, try crochet vests, ponchos and jackets.

How to style your hair in Miami

Miami`s humidity can frizz up the best blowout. The best way to style your hair is with braids. Add some gold adornments to these playful looks. You can also wear a bandana, just untuck a few front pieces for a day and night look.

Go Dutch with cute braids

Dutch braids are also a great option because they are playful and keep hair out of your face. Get naturally beachy waves with a little salt water. Take some from the beach and scrunch it into your hair for natural waves perfect for dinner.

A classic ponytail is versatile and practical. Wear low and loose, or high and slicked back with a scrunchie. For a wet-hair look, add styling gel to already-wet hair.

A lightweight scarf can protect hair from the Miami sun`s UV rays. Keep in mind that sun bleaches hair, ruining pricey dye jobs.

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