Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Right after the fun of the holiday season comes the clean slate of the new year. We rack our brains trying to think of things we want to change or start for the following 365 days. The most popular resolutions are to lose those stubborn pounds, to do a social media cleanse and to abstain from alcohol or chocolate/anything that tastes good.

Fashion can be part of your resolutions list. Let’s explore new ideas for a rocking 2022.

Organize your wardrobe

Take everything out of your closet and do a deep clean. Categorize clothes by function and/or style. Think pants/dressy pants/white pants. Make everything visible and decide on a system. 

Do an inventory check of your closet

Build your permanent collection. The scene in Clueless where Cher is picking out her outfit with the help of her computer is beloved by every fashionista. Instead of waiting for the future, create a visual inventory of every item you own on your phone. Categorize and put in dedicated folders.

Explore shades outside of navy, gray and black. Invest in trend-defying accessories, like bespoke rings and pendants. It will make impromptu Zooms much more fun.

Think outside the box

Fashion was created by risk takers. Get out of your comfort zone with bolder colors, different combinations and new textures. Color is always found in our outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher options and discounted Michael Kors clothes. To help you out, pull all your favorites out of your closet and drawers and place them in another room. Now look at what is left and have fun thinking of unexpected looks.

Have a fail-safe outfit combination

Some days it genuinely feels like no outfits work. Design at least one guaranteed outfit combo based on your preferred style. Think structured dresses with heels or flats. Jeans are an American staple so pair with a graphic tee or a cropped blazer. Decide what looks good on you every single time and use it as inspiration. Sometimes to save time, you must invest it. Think in terms of outfits when organizing and planning. When setting up your closet, it is best to see stress-free outfits within reach.

Focus on what you are passionate about/Get moving

You will stick to a resolution if it is a source of enjoyment. For example, being forced to work out after a long day of work is not going to be productive. Treat yourself to sporty-chic sets, classic white sneakers or hiking boots.

You can even pretend you are après ski in a puffer jacket from our outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher options and discounted Michael Kors clothes selections.

Conduct a panty raid

We all have a few pairs of granny panties. That doesn’t mean we can’t balance comfort and style. Go through your lingerie drawer and start matching sets of long-forgotten push-up bras and various cotton undies. Explore a multitude of bras, panties and loungewear that are stylish and comfortable that come in sets.

How to make New Year’s resolutions stick

A resolution can fail up to 10 times before the change becomes a habit. To keep these small promises to yourself, make resolutions realistic and hyperspecific without being costly or time-consuming.

Make any Zoom or Facetime meeting a fashion moment

Any sort of fashion effort is always a great resolution, especially after quarantine. Get your clothes tailored for a perfect fit, and choose bold hues and statement-making accessories. Raise vibes with uplifting prints and new silhouettes from our outlet Ralph Lauren clothes, affordable Eileen Fisher options and discounted Michael Kors clothes.

Happy 2022!

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