How to Layer for Spring



When the sun starts setting a bit later in the day, the countdown to spring begins. Thoughts of warmer weather and the sweet perfume of new blooms make trudging through snow much easier. The time is now to plan your March, April and May looks with stylish layering.

The refresh of style

Trends are ready to spring forward. Runways have been alight with mesmerizing patterns, statement accessories and edgy silhouettes. All the pent-up creativity from lockdown has been expressed in five emerging trends.

Forget flirty florals

Spring used to be about flirty florals. Designers have blacked out florals and switched to latex. Sheer dresses ruled the runway this year. Layering for spring now consists of chiffon, nylon and gauze all worn underneath each other or with nothing beneath. 

Rock edgy, disco and glamor vibes

Extra flare have been brought in via sequins, satins, and wet-metallics. Go for rocker, disco or glamor vibes. Fringe has made a return as the main character with heavy tassel detailing. 

Remember the past

Nostalgic patterns include smileys, stars and playful colors. Warm-weather gingham and handspun crochet bring fun back alongside less-is-more white shrugs, maxi dresses and separates. 

 Let your legs breathe

After months in joggers and jeans, legs get aired out in the new season with minis. Pair with coordinating blazers, oversized sweaters and knee-high boots. 

Pair knit vests with short-sleeved tees and high-neck tops for in-between weather. 

Choose pastel shades for your entire outfit. One look to try is a pastel pink dress and bubblegum pink jacket. Throw on a maxi dress with a blouse. An oversized cardigan over a mini dress with sneakers is a great off-duty look. 

Pair a hoodie with a tailored outfit for a fun spring outfit. 

Why wear layers?

Just like making sure your clothes fit properly, wearing layers is one of those secret weapons every stylish man has in his arsenal.

Layers add depth, texture, variety and visual interest to otherwise plain outfits.

Tips for men and layering

  1. Thinner layers go on the outside 
  2. Only three layers should be visible
  3. Light inside, dark outside
  4. Each layer must stand on its own

Tip no.1 

Try a henley shirt, quilted vest and field jacket combo. A woven cotton button-down shirt under a merino sweater and wool-cashmere topcoat works for spring. This layering is quite natural. 

Tip no. 2 

Three is the magic number when it comes to layering. Another layer would be overkill and create an overstuffed look. 

Tip no. 3

Men tend to stick to neutrals, avoiding colors. Here is a simple formula: lighter colors go closer to the body and darker ones go farther from the body. For example, white dress shirt, gray suit and charcoal topcoat is a champion. 

Tip no. 4

Each layer should work on its own. Don’t use shirts with pit stains or too-long sleeves. Pieces should be ready for the spotlight. 

Springtime layering outfit ideas for men

  • Go casual with a henley shirt and lightweight quilted vest. 
  • Add a field jacket to a quilted vest. 
  • Match a quarter-zip sweater to a button-down shirt and chinos. 
  • Top an outfit with a navy blazer. 
  • Team a leather jacket with a wool crew neck sweater and a button-up shirt. 
  • Try a flannel, leather jacket and slim-fit jeans. 
  • Throw on a field jacket, quarter-zip wool sweater and denim shirt. 
  • Refine an outfit with olive chinos, boots and a v-neck sweater. 
  • Pair a black topcoat, black slim jeans and a flannel. 
  • Wear a navy topcoat, light gray hoodie and a white tee. 
  • Swap a sweater for a vest and pair with a flannel and a henley.
  • Pair a leather jacket, denim shirt and cotton pullover. 

Dressing for a season that can be hot and cold on the same day is not always easy. Accept the challenge and take some risks. Inject bolder colors and unexpected materials after a cold, dark winter.

Feminine layering for spring 

Looking pretty for spring is such a joy as long as you keep a few rules top of mind. You want pieces that add touches of warmth rather than bulk. Flash some skin, but do it strategically. Go with sleeveless turtlenecks, plisse pants  and lightweight jackets (don’t just rely on denim). 

Embrace the warmer weather

A warmer-weather wardrobe is built upon floral dresses and low-cut tops. A fitted tee layers well with a sleeveless, low-cut maxi, and a cardigan over the shoulders or around the waist. 

Be the star of a warmer night

Warmer nights out call for a bodysuit, boyfriend-cut jeans and jacket. Try a ruffled jacket as the perfect finishing touch. Throw in a statement clutch, ankle-tie heels and a red lip. 

Show off your lace

Try on a lace camisole that is too pretty to hide. Make it a centerpiece with a neutral tank, floral skirt and strappy heels in the same color family.   

Slip on a slip dress

A slip dress is perfect for warmer spring temps. Just throw on your favorite strapless midi dress. Pick boots or sandals depending on the weather.

Pull down pieces

Pair a sleeveless turtleneck with an off-the-shoulder blazer. Mix in jeans and tall boots for balance. Bonus points if any piece is pastel.

Play around with sheer
Sport a semi-sheer sleeveless top over a matching bra. Crown with a sweater loosely tied around your neck. Mix in flowy pants and sandals.

Rock spring with leather
You can still wear leather in the spring. Select a clashing bandeau and a vest. Pair with leather pants and ankle booties. 

Discover the power of a lightweight blazer

Blazers are the perfect lightweight jacket for spring. Pair with a basic tee and denim shortie shorts. Red ankle booties will get you noticed. 

Mix separates

Take your pleated skirt from the closet. Mix in a tracksuit jacket and white tee. Toss in some colorful slides. 

Sharpen your style claws

Roar into spring with animal prints. Layer a tiger print short-sleeve blouse over a striped shirt. Add some teeth with a statement pink purse belt. 

Hide out in plain sight

Change out your denim jacket for a lightweight camo one. Leave it unbuttoned over a structured dress. Use a belt to close the look. 

Explore cropped hoodies

Tell your bestie you have a new one a la a cropped hoodie. Pair it with a sleeveless dress. Match with boots or heels. 

Play peek-a-boo
Love your strappy dresses a little more with a colorful bralette. Throw in shoes of the same color. Maybe do a peek of side cleavage.

Hats off to suspenders
Dig out a trendy polo. Layer a white one over a netted tank or bralette. Wear suspender pants with one strap off to expose your shoulder. Throw in as much color as possible. 

Bust out with a bustier

Show some skin this season with a preferred bustier top. Place it over a strapless pastel dress. You can then pair it with a springtime blazer. 

Chill out your style 

A white roll-neck long-sleeve top works well with a cropped denim jacket. Add a bright green midi skirt. Center or side slit is optional. 

Do double denim

This controversial look is perfect for a season of daring looks. Team a denim vest with darker wash cutoffs. A long-sleeve mock turtleneck in sky blue will enhance your jean dreams. 

Go a bit edgy

Opt for a black leather pencil skirt with a plaid dress for a springtime revival of biker chic. If you are not there yet, throw a black leather jacket over the look. You can punch up your spring this way. 

Add an extra layer of chic

Pinafores add an extra layer of warmth. Make a dynamic duo with a basic white tee. Sport an oversized straw hat for a Bardot vibe. 

Take it easy 

If you are still unsure how to layer for spring, go the easy route. Put together a mesh top over a cropped tank. Roll up your sleeves to complete the look.

Give the cold shoulder

Although it may require an additional layer, peep a little shoulder by pulling a long-sleeve top down your shoulder. Dazzle with a fabulous pattern. Bonus points for power clashing. 

Net a springtime look 

Pair a lilac short-sleeve blouse and a pink v-neck maxi dress. Balance the layers with metallic platform sneakers. Add a statement crossbody bag. 

Check in to homeroom 

Wearing a varsity jacket  was the look in high school. Update it for spring with a floral dress. Boots in darker hues will make you the star of the hallway. 

Hit the road

Dust off your colorful biker shorts from middle school. Layer them with an open neon shirt dress cinched with a belt. Mix in a muted crop top. 

Get a checkered flag

Team a colorful sporty jacket with a cropped turtleneck. Match with a vinyl mini. Be bold with buckled white boots. 

Level up your denim jacket

Elevated jean jackets are perfect for spring. Sling one over a crop top. Pair with bold red track pants. 

Have a vested interest

Slip on a black leather vest rocking fringe. Pair with a rust-colored maxi dress. Only flat sandals will do with this outfit. 

Rebel against florals

All black will make a statement this colorful season. Throw on baggy pants and a lacy bralette. Top the look with a letterman jacket. 

Get fresh 

Nothing says spring like mint green. Pair any mint piece with a basic white tee. Throw it way back with a minty fresh bucket hat or fedora. 

Play peek-a-boo

Dust off your trusty cardigan. Mix in a bralette. Only button two buttons to get noticed. 

Sport some graphics 

Athleisure suits are perfect for spring. Toss in a colorful geometric print. Some combat boots and a purse belt will add the perfect amount of edge. 

Shock with neon 

Neon is the hue. Make an entrance with a cropped neon suit. Pair with a basic white tee and neutral strappy heels. 

Try on a muted palette

Pastels get all the attention for spring. However, a few muted shades will add sophistication to any look. Pair with dark basics. 

Rock the red

Red hues stand out in the spring. Create a dynamic duo with light wash jeans and a rocker tee. Punch up your outfit with a red lip. 

Be a punk

If a bustier isn’t quite right for you, throw on a bralette. Layer a structured strapless dress over a bralette over a graphic tee. Toss in some boots or flats. 

Explore white denim 

Spring and white denim are the perfect match. Throw in some pastel tie-dye. Polish with oversized sunglasses. 

See spots and stripes

Animal prints are associated with winter and summer. Break the rules by pairing an animal print with a ruffled top or skirt this spring. Include a neutral shade to soften the look. 

Do not add a cardigan 

Vintage looks can shake up your spring look. Put on a midi dress and expose your shoulders. Strappy sandals and a micro bag elevate the look. 

Layering is typically associated with fall and winter. A layered look for spring also works for chillier summer days so you can plan ahead. Here are some final tips so you know how to layer for spring. 

Work with thin layers 

Replace knits, leather and faux fur with cotton, linen and viscose. Begin with thinner pieces close to your body. Do a printed top, lightweight blazer and scarf for an optimal spring look. 

Three pieces are the perfect layered look. You can skip jackets and opt for vests. Keep up with the trends by adding a slip dress to any outfit. 

Dress smarter for spring 

Maxi dresses let you play with tops via oversized and flowing pieces. A vest adds layers without being bulky. Go trendy with midi skirts, crop tops and miniskirts. 

How to choose the right accessories for spring 

Lighter pieces are key for the warmer season. Don’t opt for a knitted scarf; choose a cotton one. Pick lighter necklaces, rings and bracelets. An oversized statement belt can be scaled down to a more compact one. 

Pick only one statement
Opt for a great piece - accessory or clothing item - to work your spring outfit around. After you are inspired, enhance the layering by contrasting with other pieces in colors or prints. You can also go monochrome and have a scarf or hat in a contrasting hue or pattern. is where to find name brand clothes for your minimalist or maximalist budget. Our affordable brand clothes make you the star for all the occasions of your life. Grab one of our bhfo coupons to get brand names for less.

Go bold with patterns, textures and colors. Dress in what you love and tell the story of your life’s journey.


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