Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion Trends of 2022

The world is ready to express its love for fashion in 2022. After two years of comfort-driven designs, there are a multitude of fresh yet nostalgic trends to look forward to that are nuanced and bold from brand name sales.

Get creative with chaotic layering

Want to know where I can buy cheap name brand clothes online? Who loved the look of skirts over pants in the early aughts? There were and are no rules for this nostalgic look. Explore sheaths, slips and tunics and pair with higher-end denim. 

Don’t leave options out in the cold with looks from our designer brand clearance. Test out a monochrome look with different textures if power clashing is not yet in your wheelhouse. 

Drape a long vest over a statement blouse, a dress over a t-shirt paired with a belt, or wear an oversized knit with a pleated skirt. A clear winner is a t-shirt dress over jeans with a faux fur coat. 

Be effortlessly sexy in a Y2K halter

As the perfect ‘going out top,’ the revealing garment makes you look like you are on permanent vacation. Some designers have reimagined the neck-hugging and backless style with sleeves. A tie-up halter exposes the back and shoulders for sexy daywear - universally flattering to tie any look together. 

Dress up this wardrobe staple with your favorite skirt or make the look casual with a structured pair of jeans. Update the silhouette by wearing wide-leg black pants for a look beloved by off-duty models. 

Push 2022 fashion with pedal pushers

Also known as clam diggers, pedal pushers have a slim fit that hems just over the knee and are longer than Bermuda shorts. The structured pants come in dressy or casual fabrics. More comfortable than a pencil skirt with a more polished tomboy look, these pants will be huge in 2022. Play around with tight or baggy clamdiggers with heels or sneakers fresh from our designer brands clearance

Announce your vibrant personality with saturated tie-dye

Usually associated with counterculture and grooviness, tie-dye is a beloved print/pattern that can be customized. So you know the answer to where can I buy cheap name brand clothes online.

Re-emerging tie-dye is modernized via more sophisticated color combinations and elevated fabrics. It also showcases a smoother ombre effect that effortlessly goes from shade to shade. 

Trim your hemlines

We’ve waited so long for the day to arrive when we can cast off our sweatpants and allow our legs to breathe. Hemlines have reached a scandalous length - and we love it. Play around with knits, leather or denim for day and night looks. 

Shoes can make your mini-skirt and dress outfits. Soar to new heights of style with platform espadrilles or go classic with ballet flats from our brand name sales. Leather booties give any look an edge, as do knee-high boots. 

Accessories such as scarves, sunglasses and rings let you make a statement to complement your shorter hemlines. 

Add some crunch to your outfits 

Your grandmother never imagined crochet would turn out like this. Brighter colors and bolder patterns add earthiness to even the most high-fashion outfits. The reimagined designer brands clearance effect can be elegant or whimsical. 

Answer the call of the 70s

Fringe is no longer associated with the Wild West, although feel free to don a cowboy hat for a western-glam twist! What’s new, however, is the length of fringe designers have been loving. These car wash-esque strings are one of the most interesting trends of 2022. 

Explore pencil skirts with fringe or a headband with the runway's super-psychedelic love letter courtesy of our brand name sales. is where to find name brand clothes for your budget. Explore affordable brand clothes for all the occasions of your life. Grab one of our bhfo coupons to get brand names for less.

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