50+ New York Street Style Ideas in 2021

 New York street style ideasNew York is the style capital of the world. After a long break in using the streets as a runway, the hottest styles are back in action.

Comfy sweats are now being replaced by dresses and daring looks at congested intersections and crowded hotspots. You may be wondering where to find name brand clothes for less or if you can find a brand name sale to add some zing to your wardrobe. Bofo.com is one of the top designer discount stores where you can create daring looks from brand names for less.

Get inspired to put together the best outfits with the following street style inspirations. 

  1. Denim jackets

A staple in the 90s and now, a denim jacket pairs well with New York’s mild weather and pretty much everything. Explore our outlet Tommy Hilfiger clothes to find the perfect 90s accessory.

  1. Corsets

More form than function, a corset makes a statement with every outfit.

  1. Trench coats

New York’s weather demands a fashionably long coat for the breezes and gusts from the subway grates. Explore our discounted Eileen Fisher clothes for a daring look.

  1. Leather jackets

From tough Brooklynites and socialites in Dumbo to the elite of Manhattan, New Yorkers love a leather jacket in all sizes, but especially moto ones.

  1. Daring boots

The dirty streets of New York require boots. Play with textures and colors as you make your way to your dreams. Find the perfect pair of boots at one of our brand name sales.

  1. Colorful leggings

Stay warm and cool with statement leggings that are Instagram-worthy from one of our brand name sales. 

  1. Hats and caps

Sometimes the best street style is all in the details. Go vintage with a fedora or modern by repping your favorite team.

  1. Monochrome palettes

New Yorkers are known for wearing all black. With the influence of Instagram, head-to-toe color is all the rage. Try sophisticated camel or unexpected green. 

  1. White bags

White is always an original choice when it comes to braving the streets of New York. Play around with baguettes or weekenders to get the look you deserve.  

  1. Funky glasses

Go beyond aviators and oversized frames for a unique look with funky shades. Think bold colors and embellishments such as rhinestones.

  1. Orange overalls

The resurgence of 90s fashion would not be complete without overalls. Take one hook off and expect compliments for sporting a pair in the loudest color possible – orange. 

  1. Leopard print everything

Zebra print had its fashion moment, but leopard print is back to leading the pack. Experiment with shoes, tights and hats in this iconic print from one of our designer discount stores.

  1. Silk midi-skirts

Streetwear can also be about making a statement. Luxuriate in rich silks with midi-skirts that perfect every style.

  1. Feathers

More camp than street, feathers are now seen as a bold choice to walk the concrete runway. Use as a trim for basic coats or as a shawl.

  1. Stripes

Far from the playground, stripes allow New Yorkers to play around with clashing patterns and colors. Think red and yellow on a background of polka dots.

  1. High-waisted pants

New Yorkers are always on the move and need to arrive before being unfashionably late. High-waisted pants cinch at the waist and create the illusion of an hourglass figure while allowing the wearer to move as freely as possible.

  1. Oversized blazers

A blazer announces sophistication and style. Experiment with cuts and styles with this street style must-have on our website - which is where to find affordable name brand clothes.  

  1. Polka dots

Take a childhood favorite to the streets with this beloved print on hats, bags and any article of clothing. Look good when shopping brand names for less.

  1. Faux fur coats

Faux fur doesn’t have to wait until the winter. Use as an alternative to a puffer coat or as a wrap on the way to see the latest show on Broadway.

  1. Extra-long vintage t-shirt dresses

Bonus points if you can find a concert t-shirt from your favorite band to wear over leggings or jeans.

  1. Combat boots

Command the mean streets of New York with two-tone combat boots that add a new level of style to these staples. You will be sure to get a second glance. Find a look you love and buy economical designer shoes for when you’re always on the go.

  1. Velvet

After an uncertain year, velvet provides a welcome embrace. Try on snappy belts, preppy headbands, jaunty hats and romantic chokers for a touch of essential glamor.

  1. Baskets

New York street style demands thinking outside the box. Instead of a regular bag, carry an oversized basket or a straw bag to see the unusual sights of Coney Island.

  1. Velour tracksuits

As much as New Yorkers love style, comfort is everything. Velour tracksuits bridge the gap between the two. Choose classic colors or go bold with coordinated tops and bottoms.

  1. Leather pants

Like a leather jacket, leather pants are a definite New York staple. Go from the subway to Broadway or the Brooklyn Bridge in perfect comfort and warmth.

  1. Funky rainboots

Not every day can be sunny. Find a fashion pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with funky boots. Explore a multitude of patterns and colors for keeping dry and cool. 

  1. White sneakers

Luxury is in the details. White sneaks in the dirty streets announce your status. Check out platform pairs, brand-name affordable Michael Kors shoes and ones with gold embellishments for the ultimate in comfort and style.

  1. Gold jewelry

You don’t have to be a pirate or leprechaun to understand the appeal of gold. The metal instills a sense of optimism and wisdom in the wearer. New York is defined by its love of gold jewelry, from thick rope chains in Queens to nameplates in Spanish Harlem and delicate rings in SoHo. Add some flair to any street outfit.  

  1. Headphones

Play the soundtrack of your life with over- or undersized headphones as you walk the mean streets. 

  1. Sports cap

Show real or adopted hometown pride when sporting a cap rooting for the Knicks, Yankees, Mets or Jets. Top an ultra-glam outfit with one of these for the perfect New York street look.

  1. Black everything

When in doubt, wear black, especially pieces you found when shopping sales from designer outlet stores online or in person. New Yorkers are known for their love of the color that goes with everything.

  1. Pops of color

While New Yorkers love black, they also love to explore a few dashes of bright hues by wearing scarves, sneakers and belts.  

  1. Layer

New York style is as unpredictable as the weather. A true fashionista knows to layer t-shirts, sweaters and coats for a warm look that is also stylish.  

  1. Textured sweaters

Everyone loves a cashmere sweater. The material announces luxury and class. Wool is common for the warmth it provides. Explore the variety of textures available.  

  1. Beanie

New York street style revolves around staying warm and being stylish. Add protest patches or rhinestones for a unique look for the streets.  

  1. Cute umbrellas

Staying cute and dry can be a life-changing experience. Go from drab to fab with toile, fun contrasts, tie-dye and holographic prints.  

  1. Gloves

Keep your hands warm and your style sizzling with gloves that don’t have to be practical. Consider lace, leather and fingerless options.

  1. Shorts

One of the commandments of New York street style is that shorts should only be worn during the day. Explore denim cut-offs, leather choices or any shorts that show off your legs.  

  1. Statement watches

Elevate any look with a statement watch. Faces and straps showcase your daring personality when mixing metals, prints and textures.

  1. Blue suits

New York street style also includes Wall Street. Modern power brokers command the city in shades of blue for suits from cobalt to midnight. Check out our men’s affordable designer clothes to always look dapper. 

  1. Designer tights

A bit dressier than leggings, tights offer comfort and style in a variety of styles, colors and prints.

  1. Tailored outfits

No matter which borough a street styler lives in, getting every outfit tailored is a must. For a small fee, even oversized looks photograph well. 

  1. Vintage or retro accents

Spruce up a street outfit with classic fedora hats, traditional florals or grandfathered suits.

  1. Quilted outerwear

Associated with Chanel and equestrians, quilted fabric announces luxury. Connecting the streets and the country, this look is Instagram-worthy.

  1. Pearls

Harry Styles has made pearl accessories unisex and unabashedly cool. Put one on over a sweater or with the perfect vintage t-shirt. Explore your most stylish options with our men’s affordable designer clothes.

  1. Oversized scarves

Level up any street look with an oversized scarf. Choose a bright color in any material and stay toasty!

  1. Gigantic collars

Get kooky with statement collars in lace, leather and metals. 

  1. Knee-high boots

No street style is complete without daring knee-high boots. Go with real or faux leather for a rock star look that will liven up any street.

  1. Casual and dressy mash-up

There’s no need to choose just one style when creating street looks. Do a mash-up and let the compliments fly. 

  1. Create your own look

No need to travel to New York to get inspired. See what people in your area are wearing or use one of the above ideas to be a street star yourself! 

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