The Ultimate Guide to European Streetwear

There has always been the question of whether street style or the runway collections came first. Both sartorial endeavors inform each other and evolve together during each season.

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The line between designer and influencer gets blurrier with each collection. Outside of the tents during fashion week in the European style capitals is a sea of major fashion inspiration. Synergy abounds, as does inspiration on both sides of the question.

Designers learn how to color clash and accessorize from attendees and from the ethers. The question may never be answered, but both fashions can complement rather than compete with each other. Maybe the real question should be which major European fashion capital has the most style.


London has often been called the capital of the world. Outside of fashion weeks, the style set is creating trends the other capitals make their own. Steadfast and new designers mingle and play with the latest trends. Street stylists blend the old and the new with classic blazers and trend-forward footwear.

The world’s cultural melting pot loves the eclectic varieties of creative expression. Londoners, however, do take their appearance seriously. Their range includes dapper and dandy.

Go big

Londoners are not big on skinny jeans or bodycon dresses. They prefer loose, baggy and oversized. Check out oversized blazers and casual linen pants.

Sneakers need to be bold

The so-called ugly sneaker trend is booming. Bulky and platform-inspired, these kicks are all the rage on the streets. Pick orange or pink sneakers to make a statement.

Mix up classic and casual

California surf culture inspires sun-starved Londoners to dress as if they are going to the beach. Think of a mashup of shorts, tees and skateboards. Incorporate baggy jeans and graphic styles into your street looks.

Throw in some beige

Beige has always been associated with school uniforms. Dark academia has become so popular that beige and darker hues are seen on the streets. Consider adding sweater vests, collared shirts, loafers, trenches, compact backpacks, plaid skirts and knee-high socks in beige to your wardrobe.

This Is How Women Should Style Streetwear

Live the tangerine dream

Orange is the new black in the streets. The optimistic hue loves to be layered, especially with gray wool coats. Explore burnt orange, apricot, rust, or tangerine shades. A quilted jacket in tangerine will earn you some street cred.

Go tropical with Bermuda shorts

Show off your gams and designer boots with this springtime staple. Style Kelly green leather bottoms with a black blazer and darling ankle booties. Wear nothing underneath, or a cashmere sweater.

Explore cottagecore

Colorful prairie-style dresses have become the darling of Instagram. Go beyond the ‘gram with a black bralette. Make an entrance in leather pumps and a shoulder bag in complementary or clashing colors.

Cheat with a trench

Not every outfit is a winner. On off days, a trench can make any outfit look intentional. Street style lovers throw on sneakers, joggers and trenches for a comfortable and effortless look.


Milan is home of the Quadrilatero d’Oro: Via Monte Napoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia. This creates the golden rectangle of luxury, fashion and jewelry.

Citizens take pride in continuing their nation’s tradition of excellence. Every care goes into the detailing of these couture pieces.

Italians have been mixing warm earth tones and pastels. They also mix prints and rock head-to-toe patterns like no other country. Milanese fashionistas can even make neutrals exciting by mixing a variety of textures and fabrics.

Be a swashbuckler

You don’t have to be too wild to stand out in the streets. A simple pairing of knee-high boots and a shirt dress prove getting back to the basics can be fabulous. Pick colors that complement or clash.

Go mad about plaid

Tartan skirts and statement footwear always work. Shorten the hem as much as possible. Pick hues to flatter the seasons. Alternate Chelsea boots and loafers with this fun look.

Elevate with platform sandals and bold blouses

The streets love the 90s. Pair platform sandals with a bubblegum pink blouse. Expand on the cool-girl vibe with loose black pants.

Layer with delight

Milan loves vibrant layering. Think a monochrome sweater with an orange, oversized trench.

Mismatch your patterns

Make a statement in the streets of Milan with a plaid cardigan and paisley silk pants. Throw on an oversized print trench. Play around with casual yet structured silhouettes.

Go through the decades with vintage wear

Fashion from Italy doesn’t have to be designer. Clothes from the thrift store can be exceptional with their legacy of quality and beauty.

Mix masculine and feminine

Feminine pieces that mix in masculine street garments can be simple and inspiring.


The City of Lights is all about craftsmanship and creativity. Ateliers punctuate the city and create an homage to style, including Chanel, Schiaparelli, Dior, and so many more.

Parisian street style is ever-evolving. You can experiment with just a few essentials. Viola, oh la la will be the words on the street.

Go beyond in midi skirts

Paris has a grand love affair with these statement skirts. They allow the breeze in and are practical everywhere. Explore pleated, chiffon, and silk options paired with tees, sweaters and sneakers.

Paint the town red with a canvas tote

Throw in a laptop for work or a book to read under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. This is the perfect Parisian touch to your street style. Discover bolder hues and patterns or go plain.

Runaway from style doldrums in sneakers

The beautiful cobblestones of Paris will absolutely trash your feet within a matter of feet. Do not try to wear heels or platforms. Sneakers pair with nearly outfit.

Heat things up in a jacket

Parisians love leather, suede and denim jackets. They add a wow layer to any outfit. Experiment with bolder linings.

Be on-trend in denim

Surprisingly, Parisians love denim. Pair with flats or sneakers for a solid casual option. Add some flair with distressed cuffs for wide-leg styles and mom jeans.

Stick to neutrals

The French don’t like to look like they spent an hour getting ready. Skip bolder hues and opt for head-to-toe neutrals. Think black, brown, tan and white.

Embrace tailored menswear

Parisians love oversized blazers. These items should be loose yet tailored. Pair with tees and pants.

The French try not to be too trendy, finding it vulgar. French women may love streetwear, but they are never too casual. To balance this, they don’t go all out in the evenings. In-your-face-sexiness is not French in the least.

Leave tube tops, shortie shorts and bondage dresses at home. Avoid trends like destroyed denim and tiny sunglasses. Leave athleisure at home.


Scandinavia led home decor trends a few years ago and is famous for its vibrant street style.

From prints and neons to tailored outerwear, color is the look in the Danish capital. Many are now exploring workwear, cargo pants included. The Dane style is chic and relaxed yet still bold.

Throw on a denim skirt

Long or short, denim skirts go beyond age limits. Dress your skirt up with a designer bag. Maybe add in slingback heels.

Wrap on a headscarf

The streets during fashion week were punctuated with chic headscarves that jump on the balaclava trend. Tap into your inner style warrior and invest in a trans-seasonal scarf you can wear year-long.

Opt for a patterned headscarf to change your look entirely. Try on a leopard print one and pair it with a classic trench coat worthy of Audrey Hepburn glamor.

Bundle up in layers instead of coats

When the colder months arrive, layer effectively. Don’t drown your style in a bulky coat. Pop on clashing or complementary blazers with a bold turtleneck.

Brighten up your look

Pastels aren’t just for spring. Bring out playful shades to brighten up fall and winter. Experiment with mints and lilacs. Opt for mint shoes and an icy orange sweater. Mix in a neutral base and beige wide-leg trousers.

Mix up neutrals

Instead of basic black and gray, choose chocolate brown and buttery beige. You can even make bubblegum pink or Kelly green the foundation of any outfit. Please the eye in bold or earthy neutrals.

Invest in a bold trench

This wardrobe staple is wearable and practical. You can layer trenches with anything because of how lightweight they are. Team them with black boots and pants for a futuristic look. Spring forward with your favorite floral dress and strappy heels when the weather gets warmer.

Double your denim

Daring fashionistas love controversial double denim. Go cropped at the top and wide-legged for the bottom. Mix in heeled boots for elongated legs and a dressier vibe.

Embrace neon

Choosing acid green, bursting yellow, bubblegum pink or electric blue clothing will make you stand out in the crowd. Just don’t pair more than two of these hues together. Combine neons with neutrals or go for pops of neon with belts, purses and shoes.

Mix textures like a Dane

Contrast velvet and silk

Start with a classic silhouette. Pair a silk dress with crushed velvet pants. Bonus points if there is some stellar cinching at the waist.

Embrace faux fur and sequins

Don’t shy away from heavy textures. This duo is bold and glamorous. Think sequined minis with a fur clutch. A fur coat with sequined boots is also a delight.

Match knits and patent leather

Be effortless and edgy with knits and patent leather. Jazz up patent leather pants with an oversized knit sweater. Pair a sweater dress with knee-high pleather boots.

Don’t be lame in lamé

Metallics are perfect for fall and winter. The pearly sheen and light texture wow via a pleated shiny skirt paired with a plain white tee. Mix basic tees, sweats or a hoodie with metallic pieces.

Pair dresses and sneakers

Nothing is more Danish than mixing dresses and sneakers. Get the cool-girl vibe with these looks.

  • Pair white kicks with leg-baring minis
  • Think retro chunky sneakers with a tight knit dress
  • Embrace leather sneakers and midi dresses
  • Match navy kicks and tie-dye dresses
  • Romance spaghetti straps and velcro sneakers
  • Contrast a ruffled mini dress with sporty sneakers
  • Throw on a dress with classic sneakers and knee-high socks
  • Pop some color in with bolder hues
  • Think of a sneaker-boot hybrid with a knot dress
  • Add pink shoes to a simple dress and a denim jacket

No matter where you are in the world, has all the latest looks to make you a streetwear perfectionist.

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