How Men and Women Can Style Blazers

A blazer can easily smarten up any look. You may have thought of them for formal occasions or to wear in the boardroom. Blazers work so well with a variety of looks, including casual ones.

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Achieve a relaxed yet redefined look for this classic jacket. Consider colors, materials, fit and styling to make the perfect choice for your lifestyle. Rock blazers with confidence and style.

Redefine a blazer for the modern world and the modern man


Going way back to the early 19th century and originally worn by the British Navy, a blazer is a jacket that is usually reserved for formal occasions. They are similar to suit jackets, but do not feature matching pants. Blazers are less structured in the shoulders than a suit jacket is.

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Choose a relaxed blazer

Opt for linen and other lightweight materials in an unstructured design for a relaxed look. After you have selected your relaxed blazer, pair with jeans, chinos or shorts. A simple white tee or sweater lends a casual vibe to your blazer.

Breathe in cotton

Casual summertime outfits demand a cotton blazer. The lightweight fabric allows the body to breathe and have unrestricted movement. Play around with versatile and classic hues such as navy, gray and beige.

Pick the hue that flatters your skin tone the most. For bbqs and seaside parties, pair a cotton blazer with jeans, chinos, tees and loafers. Sneakers can also work well in the summer.

Get cozier in wool

Cotton works for summer, but a wool blazer is everything in the winter. Stick to navy and gray to maximize how long you can wear a wool blazer. The cut and quality should also be on point. Complete the look with jeans or chinos and boots.

Luxuriate in linen

Never sacrifice style and comfort with a linen blazer. The lightweight fabric is perfect for casual and business casual looks that should be unstructured by intent. Team the look with sandals, sneakers or loafers.

Smarten up in tweed

Tweed is a winter heavyweight. Stay fashionably warm in the harshest of temperatures. Tweed blazers exude classic charm and can also work with casual looks. Pair brown tweed with dark wash jeans and a white tee.

Decide between structured and unstructured designs

Blazers with a structured design feature sharp, clean lines and shoulder pads. Think more formal than casual. Unstructured options are softer and more flexible without shoulder pads for the casual event.

Understand what a sport coat is

Sports jackets have about the same cut and length as blazers and suit jackets. Designed for outdoor sports like shooting, they are more casual and less structured. They also do not feature matching pants and are made from sturdier materials like tweed and flannel.

Figure out suit jackets

A suit jacket features matching trousers and are more formal than standard blazers, making them less than ideal for casual looks. If you want to rock one, break away from the suit with chinos or wear the suit with a tee and sneakers.

Champion the jeans and blazer look

Jeans go with everything, including blazers. This smartly casual style is perfect for dinners, parties, dates, and more. Opt for a black, casual blazer with black jeans for a current look or blue jeans for a classic one.

Blaze a new path with chinos

Polish your style with a blazer and chinos - the ultimate combination. Relax a bit more in a tee and sneakers instead of a collared shirt and loafers. Throw on a nautical look with a navy blazer and white chinos.

Take a shortcut

Have some fun with a casual blazer by teaming it up with a pair of shorts. Wear in matching colors and contrast with a tee. Boat shoes will make things even more relaxed.

Be a rockstar

Show off some serious style with a tee and blazer. Make sure both pieces are slim. Partner the look with slim chinos or skinny jeans. Color blocks should be neutral via black, white and navy.

Play a style game with polos

A casual blazer and polo shirt are perfect together. The collared style is more refined than a tee yet still looks laid back. Make your look even sportier by throwing on some sneakers.

Tips for blazers

  • Be casual in an unstructured blazer
  • Choose cotton and linen for the summer
  • Opt for wool and tweed for the winter
  • Swap out your tees for a polo
  • Pair blazers with sneakers or loafers

Here are some frequently asked questions by our male shoppers:

I feel too casual wearing jeans with a blazer. Does this look really work?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with being casual. Opt for this look when going to dinner parties and on dates. Pick linen or cotton for unstructured designs.

Should a casual blazer be long?

It depends on your size and body shape. As a general rule, a blazer should stop around the middle of your groin.

I only want to buy one blazer. Which color should it be?

Neutrals tend to be winners, especially when buying an investment piece. Dress your new blazer up or down with jeans, shorts, chinos and tees.

Is there anything I need to look for when I’m buying a blazer?

Consider the fit from the shoulder first. Your chosen fabric should be high quality. Go unstructured for a casual look and pick heavier fabrics for winter.

Will an untucked shirt look sloppy with a blazer?

No. Be as casual as you want when wearing a blazer. Leave your shirt untucked. If this feels too casual, opt for a fitted tee.

Which shoes should I wear with a blazer?

An unstructured blazer can be worn with sneakers or loafers. Structured blazers can be worn with dress shoes and boots.

How Modern Women Can Announce Their Style with Blazers

Every woman needs a blazer. These sophisticated jackets work for corporate and summer picnics. Play around with this look and add a feminine twist to this power piece. Invest in a quality piece that you can wear during the week and weekends.

Wear heels to elevate a jeans, white tee and blazer outfit. Blazers are versatile and provide a multitude of opportunities to announce your style year-round. They also flatter every body type with their numerous cuts and styles.

Accessorize blazers

Less is not always more when it comes to wearing a blazer. Pick chunky necklaces, opt for brooches and stacked rings if you are a maximalist. A neutral sarf and delicate jewelry will work for minimalists.

The general rule is to only pick one or two statement pieces. Think a chain necklace, a clutch and colorful heels. Let your blazer shine.

Pair blazers and jeans

As a dynamic duo, blazers and jeans rule for a business casual, classic, laid back or maximalist look. Mom jeans with an oversized blazer turn heads. Skinny jeans and a structured blazer beg to be copied.

Upgrade your tees

Layer a blazer atop a tee to mix up your look. Choose a concert or graphic tee. Opt for a midi skirt for an unmeasured look.

Throw on some shorts

You may have never thought about shorts and blazers together, but the look is flawless. Street style is especially enamored with this look. The trick is making sure the blazer and shorts are of proportionate lengths.

Choose a classic white button down

Everyone loves a classic white button down. Blazers were designed to be worn with this more formal top. This style is so versatile and easy to layer with a blazer.

Casual blazer outfit ideas

  • A workwear blazer provides boyfriend length without being oversized
  • An oversized cotton blazer is perfect for spring, and a tweed one delights in the winter
  • Gold buttons and tailoring elevate any blazer
  • Combat boots and a tailored blazer are a dream
  • Cropped blazers with cuffed sleeves should be a business casual essential
  • Houndstooth is unexpected and very welcome
  • Vintage flair is defined by a double-breasted blazer

Spring forward with blazers

Spring is the optimal time to style a blazer. Don’t attempt to layer a winter coat over a blazer. A lightweight blazer is perfect for when the weather is warming up.

Be off-duty with a blazer and jeans. Wear over a romantic frock for date night and the office. Pair with a floral scarf.

Be bold in herringbone

When the invitation or dress code calls for business casual, think of an oversized herringbone blazer with slouchy pants. The understated pattern looks great with cuffed jeans and loafers during the summer. This classic look can be dressed up or down with accessories.

Say oh la la

French girl style is always flawless. Evoke Parisienne style via delicate florals, heeled loafers and a fitted blazer.

Pop an oversized collar

Throw it way back to the 70s. Layer a blazer with a retro print. Soar to new levels of style with an oversized collar.

Style should be as effortless as possible. Have a white shirt, blazer and heels ready to go. Amp this look up with bold hues.

Travel in style

A long-haul flight is the perfect time to be comfortable, but not scruffy. Make a long-cut blazer and high-top Chucks the soulmates to joggers. This look also works for Zoom and errands.

Play around with accessories

Everyone loves the knee-length skirt with a blazer. Go shorter with a mini and a blazer for an ultra-feminine silhouette. Bonus points if you rock Mary Janes.

Go for unexpected pastels

The bolder, the better when it comes to blazer hues. A delicate pink can help you lean into great style. Kelly green and other trending colors will give you serious style cred.

Max out with maxi dresses

You may feel like your outfit is missing something. It very well might be missing a blazer. Opt for a cropped blazer when wearing a maxi dress. The look can also work with minis.

Wear a blazer as a dress

Grab one of your partner’s blazers and wear it as an oversized dress. Add a belt to define your waist. You can also sport bike shorts underneath if you feel like you need a bit more coverage.

Layer with a bralette

Show some peekaboo skin. Mix in a bralette or a crop top. Leave the blazer open if you dare.

Play around with color

Contrast is the name of the style game. Score points by harnessing the power of contrast. A dark blazer goes well with a cream shirt and khaki pants. A gray blazer and a yellow crop top will earn compliments.

Experiment with a simple skirt

Mix a patterned blazer with a simple skirt for a revived look. Opt for mini, midi or maxi. Just remember to pick fun patterns.

Add volume and texture

Stay neutral and play around with volume and texture. Explore a peplum blazer styled with leather pants. Imagine a newer look with a ball gown and a fitted blazer.

Put on some leggings

We love our leggings. When paired with a blazer the look is cozy and put together. Elevate your casual pieces and pick trending colors.

Sprinkle in some glamor

Forget a shawl or leather moto jacket. Match a gown with a blazer. The look is elevated modern at its finest.

When it comes to wearing a blazer, choose the right size. Layer with tees or anything else you want. Try fitted and oversized looks. Blue blazers make good summer and spring looks. Invest in a bright or boldly patterned blazer that works with neutrals for a balanced look.

With, fashion becomes more fun and an essential resource to explore your creativity. Blazers are so versatile and chic that there is never a dull moment when wearing one.

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