10 Ideas for the Perfect Hen Night

Getting engaged brings many different emotions, from excitement to happiness to anxiety, while waiting for the big day. Each of these emotions passes through a bride-to-be's mind at one point or another during the planning process. The planning isn't just for the wedding; it's for the pre-wedding events, too.

engagement party

From the engagement party to the engagement shoot, the bridal shower, and then the bachelorette party, these are the bonding experiences we love. These memories will last a lifetime, and while the preparation for some of these may become stressful at times, outfit planning might just be the best part.

Whether the bride is more laid back, enjoying comfy joggers, or liking a little dazzle in chic robes, wedding style is always something fun brides and bridesmaids look forward to. Out of all the pre-wedding events, most brides agree that their hen night is a great experience.

Between the decor, the activities, the memories created with her closest friends, and coordinating outfits, the hen night should be super fun and fashionable. The maid of honor and the other bridesmaids will work together to plan the right type of celebration for the bride that perfectly fits with her style.

The right hen night for each bride

The perfect hen night depends on the bride's personality. She might be the adventurous type who'd enjoy a hiking trip with great-fitting yoga pants and a matching sports bra. The betrothed could be into luxury and glamor, preferring a spa day in silky robes. She could be more laid back and would love a fun slumber party with some of her favorite girls.

Bridesmaids will know exactly what to plan because, after all, they're the ones she selected to be by her side and who know her best. Regardless of how they choose to celebrate the bride, one thing is for sure: they'll make it Instagram-worthy.

Hen nights are a great excuse to post fun pictures and Reels that fit your feed's aesthetic. Fabulous decor, mix-and-match loungewear like Munki Munki, and fun props will make great memories for the bride.

The beach babe

If your bride loves soaking in the sun and digging her perfectly painted toes into the sand, give your beach babe a hen night that revolves around the water.

Last sail before the veil

If she loves the beach, parties, and a tropical vibe, a cruise is the perfect hen night location. Although a cruise will require multiple nights away, it's the ideal getaway to mix relaxation with beaches. Experience different scenery without having to do too much planning.

The last sail before the veil isn't just fun, it's also great for a bridal party that may not be the best planners. A cruise has everything in one spot. Pools, food, fruity drinks and nightly parties are all found aboard the ship. Reservations aren't always needed, only if you'd like to book a fun excursion for your girl on the islands.

Tons of lounging by the pool can be turned into a fashion event. When packing for a cruise, swimwear is a must-have. Have some fun by coordinating all the bridesmaids in the same color bikinis and letting your bride stand out in a white one with a veil.

After a long day out in the sun, stargazing and chit-chatting, a comfy lounge set is a great way to end the night. Tart serves up poolside chic loungewear that's perfect for lying under the stars with your girls and reminiscing over the great times you've had together.

Boat party

If you live by the ocean and are looking to stay local, renting a boat for the day is a great way to celebrate the bride. Hire a captain and crew and enjoy a day on the water accessorized by engagement ring and heart-shaped floaties.

Create a DIY mimosa bar filled with all of the bride's favorite mimosa pairings, along with some sweet treats and good food to snack on throughout the day. You can't forget the music - that is what makes any party a party.

Before jumping aboard, decide on coordinating swimsuits that will look great in pictures and Boomerangs and feel great as well. Think Laundry by Shelli Segal swimwear. This designer has set trends for the last 25 years and now brings this California-meets-glamor line at a fantastic price point.

Picnic on the beach

Beach picnics are one of this year's biggest trends for celebrations. If your bride is a beach girl who loves a laid-back vibe, this is a great way to surprise her. Think of cotton candy skies and boho vibes at sunset.

Crack open a bottle of her favorite champagne, style a gorgeous DIY charcuterie board and munch on some of her favorite sweet treats. Make it cozy by grabbing a large blanket, throwing down some comfy cushions, illuminating it with vintage-looking candles and adding in some trendy PJ Salvage sets for ultimate relaxation.

The homebody

Everyone knows a homebody who prefers a quiet night in over a wild night out. If your bride fits this description, it's certainly best to give her just that. Think of a pajama party, a personal chef or a DIY night. The possibilities are endless for how you can turn a home into the perfect staycation fit for a hen night.

Her last slumber party

The best times of our lives happen during childhood sleepovers, staying up late and sharing stories about crushes. Recreate one of those nights with a more adult flare as your bride's last slumber party before becoming a missus .

Come up with fun games, stock the fridge with her favorite goodies and keep the good vibes flowing while playing classics like Cindy Lauper's 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.' Make it even more special by surprising the bride with matching pajamas from Bearpaw, plus themed rooms filled with small details from some of her favorite moments.

Comfy, cozy and uniquely her, this hen night will warm her heart and make a lasting impact.

Dinner by a private chef

Another excellent at-home idea is having a special dinner cooked by a private chef. Gather the girls and have an intimate soiree for the bride-to-be with a custom menu cooked by a local chef.

Take it a step further and put together a signature cocktail for the night with the bride's liquor of choice that pairs well with the food.

Make it a glamorous affair with cocktail dresses, or keep it cozy in luxurious separates by Catherina paired with fuzzy heels.

DIY paint night

If your bride has an artistic side, throw her a DIY paint night. Grab some of her favorite snacks, plus paint and blank canvases from the local arts and craft store for a private hen night that will be a great time.

Comb the web for some inspiration where you will all paint the same muse, or let everyone get creative on their own. Keep the night casual and kick off those heels for this fun night in. Get extra creative and surprise your bride with goodie bags that include the supplies, cute aprons and even matching slippers for each of you from Bearpaw.

Keep the wine flowing, the music playing and the cameras snapping for an unforgettable night.

The adventure junkie

If your bride has an adventurous side, she'll get a kick out of doing something active to celebrate her hen night. Turn this into a day of hiking or take a ski trip filled with a multitude of winter activities.

A hiking trip

If you live near great hiking trails with beautiful views, take the adventure-seeking bride on a fun hike that will get her adrenaline pumping and offer amazing views as perfect backdrops to her next IG post.

Check out matching yoga sets and cute hiking boots from Bearpaw so you can pose before cliffs and canyons for likes.

Apres-ski options

Hit the slopes with your bride and her tribe for heart-pumping trails and apres-ski drinks. For adrenaline junkies on a ski trip, there are so many different winter activities for the group to choose from. Whether skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or dog sledding, outdoor activities will excite your thrill-seeking bride.

After a long day on the mountain, unwind around the fire in toasty pajamas from NYC Underground and some hot chocolate. Laugh over who had the best wipeout or share some action shots from the day. Just take the time to relax and recharge before the next exciting day.

The self-care queen

Maybe the bride loves self-care Sundays and is in the know about the latest skincare trend. She might be first in line at the newest yoga studio. Plan the ultimate self-care hen night just for her.

Sunset yoga session

While joining her at her favorite yoga studio is sweet, take the extra step of bringing the yoga to her. Set up a personal yoga class with one of her favorite instructors, live or on-demand, at sunset for a truly peaceful experience.

This can be in her backyard, a park, or even on the beach. Of course, you'll need your mats, yoga gear, some candles, and calming music to create a peaceful space your bride will love. With all the stress wedding planning brings, she'll be so thankful you've planned such a relaxing evening for her.

Make it a spa day

Turn your hen night into an at-home spa day filled with all of the bride's favorite products. Throw on some masks, exfoliate your skin, take turns giving each other makeovers, and relax.

Create the mood by lighting candles, turning down the temperature and playing calming music. Bring in some fluffy cushions you can lay on the floor and sip on the bride's favorite green tea while you all take a day for yourselves where you block the outside noise.

Keep things cute by gifting the bride a group matching, luxe robe, or keep it more casual with mix-and-match loungewear from Munki Munki.

Whichever you choose, don't forget to snap some great pictures to remember the day.

The no.1 tip is

However you choose to celebrate your bride's hen night, the most important thing is to have fun! Whether it’s a slumber party, weekend cruise or yoga at the park, these memories will last a lifetime and make your bride feel so special.

Planning can become stressful when trying to coordinate schedules and surprises, but everything will work out in the end.

Enjoy the moment, don't sweat the small stuff and have fun because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event you can make even more special with loungewear from bhfo.com.

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