Your Winter Wardrobe is Craving Chocolate Brown

coat chocolate brown

Our love affair with brown extends way past fall for year-round appeal. The warm/inviting hue has staying power with chic designs for a warming and comforting perception. Maximalists and minimalists love the brown monochrome look from our online outlet for its sartorial delight. 

Forget black! Those who wear brown are perceived as having a strong and stable personality with a subtext of rationality. 

A rich-toned dress is perfect for fall, especially when paired with gold jewelry. Brown is a great way to make intimidating designs more approachable. Some of the season’s coolest prints are brown. 

Wrap yourself in layers of brown. Master a monochrom look by varying the fabrics, shades, and silhouettes of separates. Wear with lighter nude tones or with darker rich tones.  

Explore rich shades such as camel, caramel, tan, copper, coffee and toffee. 

Tips for getting the chocolate look right: 

  • Use black accessories lightly - no belts or footwear
  • Pair with blue and gold 
  • Keep makeup matte and light - no shimmer 
  • Try snakeskin prints for an edge
  • Stay warm in leather outerwear

Plain brown dress

Make outerwear cozy with a plain brown dress underneath. Try a knee-length option in shades of cinnamon or caramel, and pair with a darkly shaded belt, nude heels and gold jewelry. 

Be open to a great brown plaid and opt for chokers and copper jewelry. 

Brown pants and trousers

Look chic in brown pants and joggers made from leather, velvet or everyday materials. Pair with white or pastel tops. Opt for a matching blazer for a more formal look.  

Brown leggings

Throw on a brown striped top with caramel brown leggings for a WFH look. Explore a variety of leggings from our designer brands clearance options. 

Brown knitted sweater

Show off your collarbone with an alluring brown knitted sweater. 

Brown jackets

As a wardrobe staple, a brown jacket perfectly outlines every outfit. Wear atop dresses, shirts, leggings or pants in any type of color. 

 Beige coat

Accessorize brown pants or tops with a long or mid-length coat. Select lighter tones for contrast.  

Orange outerwear

Jazz up a monochrome brown outfit with orange outerwear. Orange neutralizes chocolate hues for a bold yet beautiful look. 

Animal prints

Snakeskin from our online outlet is the perfect complement to brown. 

Two shades of brown 

Beige dresses up any shade of brown. Think of the hue as white’s replacement. 

Oversized options 

Flaunt your year-round style with oversized looks paired with your leggings, jeans and pants with designer brands clearance. Lace up or slide on boots for an eye-catching look. 

Leopard print 

Animal prints are made warmer by rich brown hues. Spice up an outfit with leopard print accessories. 


Break the rule that silk is for summer and velvet is for winter. Brown makes this festive material a luxe must-have year-round. 


Zip up your camel, toffee or animal skin print with ankle or knee-high boots straight from our online outlet.  


Opt for copper, bronze and gold jewelry instead of silver. 

Satisfy your closet’s craving for chocolate brown with any of the ideas above for a perfectly stylish winter courtesy of our designer brands clearance deals. 

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