6 Bridesmaids Dress Ideas for Less

Bridesmaids Dress Ideas for Less

Choosing bridesmaid dresses is time-consuming, especially when considering everyone’s budget. You may not know how to find the best brands for less. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating your love. Have your bridal party look stylish by choosing the right look. Explore brand name sales and designer brands clearance events.

Little costs can add up before the big day, including the bachelorette party and bridal shower. So help your friends out by offering stylish and affordable options from designer brands sales and clearance events that include expensive materials and details, such as silk, beading and embroidery.

Let’s explore affordable options for every bride/bridal party and discover where to find cost-effective name-brand clothes.

Six ideas for bridesmaid dresses for less:

  1. Chiffon
  2. Sheaths
  3. Statement accents
  4. Mix and match
  5. Slip dresses
  6. Non-traditional


You may have watched must-see movies from the golden era of Hollywood and dreamt of a fairy tale wedding worthy of Grace Kelly. Your aesthetic is less is more, even when exploring designer discount stores and brand names for less. Chiffon is the perfect affordable fabric for you. It is lightweight and gives off an ethereal vibe.

From earth goddess to sophisticated A-lines, explore stunning silhouettes in chiffon for pants and dresses. There are numerous options for soft and flowing bridesmaid looks because designer brands clearance sales happen multiple times a year.

Chiffon is perfect for summer celebrations, layering and hints of nostalgia. Lightweight enough to glide on even the most humid days and nights, chiffon can be layered for a dramatic effect. This fabric has been popular since the 1960s and 1970s, so honor your beloved classics while adding a modern touch via elegant necklines such as bateau or sweetheart.


Love is the ultimate form of expression. Daring brides love to play around with fashion-forward looks for a memorable bridal party that truly announces its members’ individuality. Pair a simple or retro-inspired sheath with delicious accents like leather straps, collared necklines, stand-out lace patterns or an altered back to be more avant-garde.

Go modern or retro with sheath gowns – with or without bold accents. To save money, bridesmaids can choose a sheath style they can wear long after the wedding.

Make a statement with a mix-and-match bridal party. Explore varying shades of one color or create a color story with popular botanical hues. Consider buying black dresses and adding prints, textures and metals in the alteration process.

Add botanical prints to straps, faux fur to hems, and metal studs along seams to craft an edgier aesthetic. Match each accent to the bridesmaid’s personality.

The only consideration when going bolder is making sure the dresses fit the bridesmaids’ aesthetic and all the looks complement each other for a love story that makes a statement.


Embrace a bohemian vibe with discounted Calvin Klein clothes, especially slips. Made popular by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in 1996, the slip dress is iconic and the epitome of minimalist 90s chic. Calvin Klein was the designer behind the minimalism popular during one of the best decades. Explore outlet Calvin Klein clothes and discounted Calvin Klein shoes for an effortless look your bridesmaids will appreciate.

Discounted Ralph Lauren clothes can also offer a perfect 90s aesthetic. A slip dress works with any style of wedding and complements all body types, as long as stretch materials are kept to a minimum to avoid clinging.

Play around with a variety of necklines and lengths. Think cowl necks and thigh-high splits. Avoid silks and consider satin instead for increased affordability. Add flair with dramatic costume jewelry.


Who says your big day and bridesmaids have to follow the rules? Meet with your bridesmaids to ask what works for them. They may have similar aesthetics and dresses that can be pulled from their closets.

They may have shopped at designer discount stores and have economical brand clothes that are just different enough to make a statement. You can simply decide on a color and have their dresses dyed to match.

When going this affordable route, a big consideration is to make sure all the dresses have a running theme. These can include romantic, goth, glam or boho.

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